Financial planning, as we understand it, is based on a global analyse that puts your financial goals, your needs and desires at the center of our analysis. These elements will always stay the basis for comprehensive financial planning, and this, for all events of life: from birth to retirement.

We take the time to analyze your financial situation. The first step is to define your wishes and goals. Your personal advisor you therefore proceed with a comprehensive and detailed analysis that addresses all relevant financial matters. It then evaluates your current financial situation.

The private financial strategy is a photo of your situation and a basis for planning financial decisions for your private household.

Your financial situation is synthesized in your personal financial strategy. Based on this, financial advisor establishes a concept, with which you can achieve your goals quickly and safely. It gives the customer an idea of the benefit he will receive.



Your financial advisor selects from a wide range of products the Best selection for your situation. You reduce your costs while increasing revenues and security. Therefore, while you go about your daily business, financial advisor search, among the multitude of financial products available on the Swiss market, it is best to optimize your finances.

Our goal: to offer financial advice throughout your life ...
...if you wish it.

Your Benefits

  • Analysis of the current financial situation of households
  • Analysis of the current possibilities of credit affordability (mortgage)
  • Analysis of the current investment opportunities
  • Analysis of the current situation of insurance and improving it,
  • Advice on health insurance
  • Advice on accumulating capital - safe, balanced or aggressive
  • Advice on personal security pension
  • Advice on investment protection of children and families (financial security, studies, start in adult life)
  • Advice on accident insurance, death, hospitalization, disability
  • Product Selection tax "friendly"
  • The best offer on the market tailored to the needs and wishes
  • Individual solutions
  • Personal Financial Strategy
  • 40 Pages defining the current financial situation of the client in Switzerland

For that your finances continuously adapt to your situation, we recommend that you check regularly if your situation and your financial goals are in line with financial coaching.

To do this, you have the option of preserving personal benefits from market changes, optimizing your health insurance premiums, benefit from maximum tax deductions and change your investments. To match your finances optimally to your situation. Your financial advisor will assist you with competence and accompany you in all phases of your life.

And you can contact us again at any time you have a new wish or that your financial situation has changed. Because our goal is and remains to provide financial advice throughout your life.